A shape-shifting mindset--her music is more than what meets the ears, it is also the woman behind the decks: sincere, spirited, fearless. Her mix sets are expressive expeditions, incorporating a variety of melodic flavors that create lasting emotional experiences for the listener. While she believes in genre bending, she enjoys playing house, deep house, progressive house & deep techno. Taking divine inspiration from the Bhagwad Gita, her sound blends the east and west and makes the soul & feet dance alike. The last 2 years has seen her supporting some of the most respected names in the International dance music industry such as Yotto, 16 Bit Lolitas, Alex Metric, Darius, Macromism, Dubspeeka, Uner, Sally Doolally, as well as local acts such as Kohra, Jitter, Ankytrixx, Praveen Achary, Bullzeye, Priyanjana. She has also performed at the most sought after venues across India and made her debut at some of the most renowned festivals such as Sunburn, Krank, Ctrl Alt Dance & Blurr. She might have only arrived on the scene but there's little doubt that she's here to serve the people the music they desire, the sounds that move soul and body. This is Avantika. Deep, emotive, euphoric.