Sid Vashi

Sid Vashi is a producer and multi-instrumentalist from the suburbs of Detroit, currently residing in Mumbai. Having grown up with a deep love for bollywood music and jazz saxophone, Vashi crafts textural electronic pop music that incorporates elements of jazz, experimental electronica, and hip hop, often using samples from old Indian records and field recordings from around the country. His 2013 debut LP entitled ‘Motherland Tourism’ garnered praise from influential webzines such as The Wild City and THUMP by Vice, and set the framework for his upcoming material which is due early this year.

In the interim, Vashi has recently begun performing a combination of old and new material with both live and electronic instrumentation, having already played at many major festivals and venues across the country. In 2016, he plans to release a bevy of new original music as well as collaborations with other artists in the independent scene. 

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