Gazi Khan

A virtuoso performer Gazi Khan plays the Khartal with gusto. He also performs percussion duets with the dholak. The way he creates complex percussion sounds with the four wooden pieces which is the khartal, is admirable. He is not only an expert Khartal player, but also a Sufi Vocalist, rendering authentic folk ragas. He also has the ability to customize and design stage performances. He has travelled to Europe, Asia and America and participated in many folk festivals. He has accompanied with renowned percussionists including Zakir Hussain, and A. R. Rehman, music composer and director.

Gazi has given solo and group performances in many festivals of India. He rendered his unique singing in Europe, France, Spain in ‘Chota Diwana Group’. He went to Switzerland, Egypt and Russia through ICCR. He also travelled Africa, Norway, London, Portugal, Germany and Italy with his group performances. A powerful and melodious young celebrated singer, Gazi is a recipient of Young Talent Award by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India.

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